Tuesday, March 31, 2015

In photos: Anatomy of a tulip

With spring just in arm's reach, I've had cherry blossoms and tulips on the brain. Yesterday on my other blog I wrote about the upcoming Festival of Spring at Burnside Farms out in Haymarket which inspired me to do a post on this blog today.

Over the years I've taken lots of photos of tulips and this morning I decided to zoom in on a few of them and see what detail was captured. Taking macros is something I haven't done much of, but is on my list of things I want to practice with this year.

Here is the results of my cropping of a few tulip photos - different varieties. Most of these did not have edits, but a couple I sharpened up a bit.

I didn't realize I'd captured some dew on this photo until I zoomed in
I'm not sure what variety this tulip is, but I just love the petals!

This one was taken downtown at the Tulip Library run by NPS - This is found just a short distance from the Cherry Blossom Festival

Another one from the Tulip Library

This one was taken at Burnside Farms in 2013