Saturday, December 12, 2015

Squirrel scurries up a dogwood tree

The squirrels have been so active the last few months and there seem to be more in my neighborhood running around than in previous years. Or maybe I'm just paying more attention. This critter was in my yard - as customary - as soon as it saw me, it ran up my dogwood tree. But the little guy was kind enough to pose for a bit.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Birds spotted at Christ Church in Old Town Alexandria

Last weekend we were wandering around Old Town Alexandria before. While we were walking on the grounds of Christ Church, I spotted these birds very high up in a tree. I'd just gotten a new camera and, after taken this shot, I found the zoom is much better than it was my last point and shoot.

The first shot is the original focus and zoom (no edits), the second shot is a cropped version of the same photo where I could see the details of the bird. Loving my new camera! My old one never would have "found" the birds that high up in any tree, nevermind any details. 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Sunset over Lancaster, Pennsylvania

In mid-November we took a trip up to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The sunset was so beautiful that day I had to pause for a few minutes and take a series of photos. Here are a few of them showing the sun setting, the moon rising and reflections in the water.

The sunset that day was mesmerizing to me

This is looking into a stream, the sun was reflecting beautifully on this evening. The clouds and trees looked as clear as they did as if we were looking up in the sky.

Turning around and looking the other direction, we could see the moon rising.