Friday, February 13, 2015

Snakes, spider webs and the Natural Bridge in Virginia

Today's photo heads down to the southwestern section of Virginia. Last July when making a trip, we took a side excursion to the Natural Bridge. I've always wanted to visit the Natural Bridge and we were so close I just *had* to do it.

It was really hot that day - but definitely worth it. We spent a couple of hours there. However, we quickly learned you have to be careful what walls you might decide to take a seat -

I don't know how clear this big web is...the smaller one to the right stands out, but this was a huge spider web I'd spotted while walking along the path behind the Natural Bridge

The Natural Bridge itself. On top of the bridge is Route 11. Driving over it, you'd never know what was underneath you. And standing below, you really don't see the traffic either.

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