Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Beautiful magnolias in Washington DC

The Washington D.C. area is known for its spectacular display of cherry blossoms during the March/April time frame (varies year to year), however, there are many other magnificent displays throughout the National Mall and beyond.

Earlier in the week I went downtown to see the cherry blossoms, but ended up spending a fair amount of time checking out the other blooms too. These magnolias were taken near the George Mason Memorial, which is located somewhat near the Jefferson Memorial. There were some gorgeous magnolias in bloom which looked beautiful up against the yellow forsythias.


  1. Gorgeous photos, Leigh! I wish we could have magnolias up here.

    1. Thanks so much William. I love these beauties. I never saw one "for real" until I moved out of the northeast I don't think we had them in NY either?