Monday, April 6, 2015

Views of Virginia's beautiful Natural Bridge

The Natural Bridge down in the southwestern area of Virginia (not too far off I-81) is a popular landmark. It truly is an amazing example of Mother Nature's handiwork. Not only is it a beautiful geological formation, it is one that carries a lot of history too. George Washington surveyed it (and allegedly carved his initials in the rocks - but this is heavily debatable) and Thomas Jefferson at one time owned it.

Today it is designated as a Virginia Historic Landmark and a National Historic Landmark. Over time it has been privately owned, but open to the public (fees charged). 

In addition to the bridge itself, there are many other wonderful things to see along the trails including the "lost river" and Lace Falls which is said to have been a part of the water that originally formed the Natural Bridge.

Route 11 (still an active road) runs across the bridge, but driving over it (I've done it), you'd never know it! Even standing under the bridge and looking up you wouldn't know there was a road above it.

Walking towards the Natural Bridge

Hibiscus blooming in front of the bridge

Side of the Natural Bridge. This is the side George Washington allegedly carved his initials in the mid 18th century. You can see the "GW", but one of the guides told us there is no true evidence he actually did it.


  1. Beautiful. I'd like to take my camera there sometime. I love Virginia.

    1. I hope you get the chance someday Barbara, it's spectacular. I definitely want to revisit this someday! Thanks so much for stopping by!