Saturday, January 31, 2015

Getting cozy with the bees at Burnside Farm's Sunflower Festival

Burnside Farm has two lovely flower festivals during the year. The first, the tulip festival, takes place during the spring (it's a beautiful display - I'm going to write about that in a future post). Today's series of photos was taken at the farm's Summer of Sunflowers event. In addition to the beautiful blooms, there are literally tons of bees of various shapes and sizes.

I have a fear of bees, but when behind the camera I tend to forget all about not wanting to be near them. They really are such magnificent little creatures.

Two bees happily at work side-by-side

A view of one of the rows of sunflowers. There were literally thousands and thousands of bees everywhere. Amazing to see the volume of bees these sunflowers attract
Trio of bees

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