Thursday, January 29, 2015

Even the busiest of shopping centers can house a quiet sanctuary

It's fun to find nature in the most unexpected places. Today's photo series was actually taken in a large and busy shopping center in Northern Virginia. Many of the lots around here have pools of water to collect the overflow and nature just flocks to it. 

Get a bit closer to the retention pool and you forget all about the chaos, traffic and noise - it becomes a quiet sanctuary and you can spot all kinds of critters.


  1. So pretty, Leigh! It's lots of fun to find and take pictures of critters :)

    1. Thanks M.J. for stopping by! I agree, it's become addictive (and fun, sometimes a little like Where's Waldo lol).

      I can't wait for spring when more wildlife come out to play :)

  2. Great photos. Shared to G+ and Pinterest.

  3. Thank you very much Barbara, I appreciate your kind comment and shares.