Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Visiting with the kangaroos at Virginia Safari Park

Gosh, I'm so behind in sorting through the various photos I'd taken throughout 2016. Today I thought I'd take a break from our wonderful South Carolina trip and head back to last March. During that month we'd stopped by the Virginia Safari Park, located in Natural Bridge, Virginia. 

We all had a fab time during the actual safari (another topic for another day, but I did share some macros of animal eyes taken at the park in an earlier post). After we parked the car, we walked around the park. The kangaroos were so cute! Definitely a relaxed group of critters.

This guy was chilling out and not bothered by the crowds
Looked like one totally exhausted kangaroo!

Taking a slumber stretch

Kangaroo slumber party

This fella was hoping for some food I think. Or maybe he was just curious?

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