Monday, November 28, 2016

Peacocks and more peacocks! (Magnolia Plantation & Gardens)

In the last few weeks I've been focusing on our Charlston, South Carolina trip. I took numerous photos at Magnolia Plantation & Gardens and am doing a series of blog posts from this one outing. Recent posts include one about the birds and another themed "reflections"

Today's theme is peacocks! These birds seem to have the run of the place and there are tons of them wandering about. Many are not shy and will walk very close to visitors. It was a lovely day out.

This peacock's attention was on a nearby female.

This fellow was spotted lounging out in one of the gardens

Spotted this white peacock alongside a path during one of our tours

The female in the background dropped a feather and the male in the above pic who was trying to impress her seemed to be attracted to it.

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