Monday, November 14, 2016

A morning walk on the beautiful Isle of Palms

When we travel, we often like to build time in to "make it up" as we go along in addition to any scheduled plans we have. 

During our recent trip to Charleston, one evening we decided we'd get up and head out to the beach the next morning. En route to the shore we were looking at the various islands and decided to head out to Isle of Palms. We didn't get up early enough for sunrise (and this was the weekend the clocks changed) but we did arrive in early morning. We found it to be a beautiful beach and spent about two hours walking along its shoreline.

My first view of the beach as we walked off the pathway

The beach was full of tiny shells, in some places as abundant as the sand.

Reflections of the now risen sun

We really enjoyed our time on this beach and hope to return at a later date.

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