Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Watching dandelions go to seed

Earlier this week on my morning walk, I decided to grab my camera on the way out. While I often tote my trusty Sony Cybershot around, my walks are usually not a time I do it. I was so glad I did on this particular morning as I found a few treasures including flowers in unexpected places and a caterpillar which I decided to follow for a bit.

The bird with the worm in its mouth was too fast for me, so I turned my camera's attention to some dandelions going to seed. The wind was blowing a bit so it was hard to get the shot I wanted, but I did get a few.

Make a wish, there are a few seeds left

Dandelion not yet let go of its seeds
This was the shot I really wanted, but it was not clear with the breeze. I did try. I now call it "Throwing Caution to the Wind".

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