Monday, May 18, 2015

In photos: Busy buzzing bee in my garden

As I pulled up into my driveway today it was extremely hot, all I wanted to do was run inside and cool off...however, I quickly forgot about all that after I noticed this buzzing bee in my garden.

About two weeks ago we cleared out an overgrown area in our yard and planted some flowers (mostly perennials - I'm low maintenance that way!) On the way into the house, I glanced over to admire the plants as I like to do and noticed a bee.  I ran inside to grab my trusty Sony Cybershot and took a few pics.

The bee was a bit distracted by my photo taking and kept buzzing on and off this same flower, even though there were many other flowers of this type and more.  I guess I interrupted its work and this bee wanted to get the job done.

Although, for the most part, this bee was a pretty good sport!

I'm not sure why this one uploaded sideways!

Same angle as above but zoomed out a bit. Also uploaded to Blogger sideways!

Cropping in to see what I could see

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