Wednesday, March 2, 2016

This squirrel freaked me out - he had no fear whatsoever

On Sunday we spent a good part of the day down in D.C. We arrived in the early morning before any of the museums opened and decided to see what critters and birds we could spot. This one squirrel was standing on top of a trash can and I missed the shot. So I tried to capture this little fella after he jumped off and he walked to me.

Not only did he start walking towards me, he kept getting closer and closer until he was about two to three feet away and he was still coming. I suddenly had visions of that squirrel that jumped out of the Christmas tree at the Griswold household (National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation if you haven't seen it - YouTube clip). 

I skirted away, but not before taking a few pics. The first two are a little blurry.

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