Monday, July 13, 2015

In Photos: Gardens at the Home of FDR

The Hudson Valley region of New York is both beautiful and historical. In addition to its lovely mountainous landscapes and deep roots connected to the Revolutionary War, there are many other historical buildings and landmarks that remain throughout the region. One such place is the Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt, located in Hyde Park.

I went on a tour of this home in July 2014 and found it quite interesting.  It has also been wonderfully preserved. Also remarkable were the gardens at the home of FDR. Summer was a good time of the year to catch a variety of flowers in full bloom.

The garden is large, you can see a variety of flowers in each section.

Flying critters were also aplenty in this garden, most particularly bees and butterflies. Although a family member of mine did spot a hummingbird moth too (I missed it!).

 Butterfly on flower FDR gardens
All in all it was a wonderful visit! I'd love to go back again someday.

 pinkflowers FDR gardens

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